Thursday, 29 September 2011

new yarn and projects

My mother brought most of her yarn stash - yeah:)

  I said I wanted to start on more project, and so I have.
This being the start of a pair of mittens, with several new stuff I have learned

Another project
thought I tried a new way to knit, while knitting together with something already knitted..
Well, it did not turn out to well, as you can see.

These two are of course not the only things I am working on
- another pair of potholders
-a pair of legwarmers in fair isle-kinda knit
-crocheted flags

My mood have been pretty low lately, and I have once again fucked up my sleeping rhythm. 
Meaning, that I now sleep during the day and am awake throughout the night
(which is way boring by the way!)

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