Friday, 18 May 2012

The kitchen

The kitchen as it was, on the left picture.
The two pictures on the right is how my kitchen looked for over half a year

 First part in the renovation was demolition of wall(we only took down the outer layer of plaster, straw, metal thread, and nails - taking it down was great fun actually, I felt so cool and powerfull;)

 Fixing the ceiling and walls. All electric cords were put into the wall or over the ceiling.

 The floor.
We pulled the old floor off, then there was put some water pipe down, and then we had some pros put down the new floor 
( it took them 2 days, voila)

 My little storage room, one of my favorite parts of the apartment.
The picture lowest, right is how it originally looked.

 The kitchen in finished condition, almost

I am now out from the hospital and back in my apartment.
It is no fun, but darn hard work.
I truly hope it will all pan out in the end!

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