Wednesday, 28 November 2012

3. wrist warmers

This is the third pair of wrist warmers I have created, 
but it is not the last pair I have made recently.

The start and the end are 3 rows purl
The thumb is knitted up from the wrist,
with a stitch each round.
Ending with 13 stitches, and then bound off.
I forgot that there is a difference in placement on right and left thumb, 
so they are made alike, and are therefore incorrectly made.
As you can see on the picture.
But I didn't notice till after I was done, so I let it be..
Made from the leftover yarn of the two previous wrist warmers
yes, December is almost here :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

wrist warmers

The edges are 3 rows purl
thumb knitted up from wrist, with stitches added on each row

Sorry about the background always being my copper table.
If I had the energy I would go outside to take pictures there, 
but I haven't.
So this is just how it is.

Survived, and enjoyed whole day with family yesterday, very big for me.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

wrist warmes

A pair of wrist warmers done.

 I did the bottom edge differently on the two, 
called a picot edge as far as I know.
and the result is as you see - the right one being pretty crooked.
With thumbs knitted up from the wrist. adding stitches each round.
Ending with 12 stitches and then closing them off.

Boredom is my middle name
I am so bored

Especially when I still haven't got the energy to do the most simple things,
and still having social fobia
not being able to do things like:
cooking, washing my clothes, taking down the trash, cleaning, shopping for food, going for walks, getting out in general.

but,but I am getting better, there is no doubt about it.

how can I explain it.
Perhaps if the above things, before was 100% impossible to do,
 now they are only 50 % impossible to do.
If that makes any  sense at all..

Monday, 19 November 2012

work in progress, embroidery

I work on this embroidery when I am really bored.
I work on it at night, when I am waiting to get tired enough to sleep.
The result will hopefully be a long piece for a pillow sometime in the future.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


First time I have made a thumb like this.
(I don't know what it is called)
I really like it, 
its more fitted, and nice
The right mitten it more loosely knitted and larger.
This is because I knitted the last half of it ½ a year later than the rest.
That is what you get from putting aside projects...
But oh well, 
I am just pleased they are finally done:)

I used the picot hem
and then different patterns before starting on the main pattern.

The pattern is a remake of one I found at ravelry, (a knitting/crochet site)
Of' course I can't remember which one.
But I had to change the pattern to fit my hand..
apparently I got too small hands for most patterns, 
which is a bit annoying, 
because then I have to change every pattern before I can use them.

None the less, it was really challenging and fun to make.

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Potholders done

The ones on the top picture I actually made last christmas, 
but I only got around to stitching it together now.
The three on the bottom picture I crocheted one evening last week.
 Used up small scraps of yarn I had laying around.
very satisfying with a quick result once in a while.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

knitted christmas balls

They were real fun knitting, very challenging,
 but okay, because they are quick to do
I did them in February,
here are 2 posts I did back in February about them, here and here.

Monday, 5 November 2012


 Selma lying on the afghan I am working on

 Selma newest "thing", licking a plant...

She makes me want to live, if for nothing else, for her.