Thursday, 22 November 2012

wrist warmes

A pair of wrist warmers done.

 I did the bottom edge differently on the two, 
called a picot edge as far as I know.
and the result is as you see - the right one being pretty crooked.
With thumbs knitted up from the wrist. adding stitches each round.
Ending with 12 stitches and then closing them off.

Boredom is my middle name
I am so bored

Especially when I still haven't got the energy to do the most simple things,
and still having social fobia
not being able to do things like:
cooking, washing my clothes, taking down the trash, cleaning, shopping for food, going for walks, getting out in general.

but,but I am getting better, there is no doubt about it.

how can I explain it.
Perhaps if the above things, before was 100% impossible to do,
 now they are only 50 % impossible to do.
If that makes any  sense at all..

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