Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Yarn for my stash

New yarn for my stash - hurray!
Some of it, I got for Christmas, the rest I bought today.
The plan is to make some socks, and a scarf (fair isle style), of the yarn.

Picture from

Because I also got the book you see on the above picture for Christmas.
Beside some few things:
A blender, some nail polish and some creatively styled hangers for my closet.

I am afraid I was rather low on Christmas eve, 
and on the 26th where we have this large family gathering each year.
Not what I expected at all.
Though it makes good sense, me being sick and all.
None the less,
 next year I aim for some Christmas spirit to come my way
One can always hope

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas eve

 A 3,2 m tall Christmas tree,
usual business for us,
that is just how we roll :)

Monday, 24 December 2012

christmas holiday

Christmas preparations

 "brunkager" (danish gingerbread cookies) done

 "klejner" (danish fried biscuits) before being cooked in palmin

 "klejner" (danish fried biscuits) done

My mother and I made a deal.
She knit me a cape + a top(which is not done yet),
I knit her a pair of legwarmers. 
Here is the result

Legwarmers for my mother
Cape for me
loovve it :)

On holiday at my parents,
it is going okay,
very, very restless.
Fortunately there is plenty to do in preparations for Christmas eve tomorrow.
I am here with my cat.
My cat is not happy, 
she hated the trip down here in a car, she got ill in the car..
Poor thing, and my poor father who had to clean his car..
But she is slowly warming up to us again,

Thursday, 20 December 2012

christmas folded hearts, and work in progress

I went into Christmas-mode for a time, and produced these folded christmas hearts.
Which apparently is only something we do in Denmark.
Neat :)

And I have started on a pair of socks, for the second time around.
The first time I messed up with the heel,
so I unravelled it.
Hope I will get it right this time.
..I better..

Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas collage

A Christmas collage

Thursday, 13 December 2012

christmas hearts

I got all of these hearts from my aunt as an advent present
 when I was down visiting and making marzipan confections/chocolate.

I am trying to listen to Christmas music in order to get some Christmas spirit, 
but its not really working for me.
And we even have snow in December this year,
which is very unusual.
But still no Christmas spirit.
Bloody depression.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

marzipan confections/chocolate

This years production of marzipan confections/chocolate

nougat, marzipan and dark chocolate

 sugar roasted almonds, marzipan and dark chocolate

 marzipan, darn chocolate and sprinkles

 cognac, prunes, marzipan, milk chocolate and chocolate hearts

 coffee, marzipan, milk chocolate and chocolate coffee beans

 baked marzipan and sugar, with dark chocolate at bottom

 cornflakes, roasted blanched almonds, dark chocolate, nougat, vanilla and orange peal

 roasted blanched almonds, milk chocolate and dark chocolate

 gin, orange juice, marzipan, white chocolate and orange peal

cornflakes and dark chocolate

...mmmm... is all I can say

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas is here
Christmas is normally my favorite time of year,
but I dont really feel like it this year.
Which is not surprising when I have a depression, even though I am medically well treated...

But but
Currently making marzipan confectionery with my aunt
We do it each year,
and we are pretty good at it,
if I may say so myself :)

Monday, 3 December 2012

4. wrist warmers

I really like this tassel rib,
it was good to try/learn something new.
Again the thumb is knitted up from the wrist.
Till 15 stitches and then bound off.
The body is knitted with two yarns, a blue, and a white/blue colour changing sock yarn.
Finished with 3 rows purl


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas cards

Been making Christmas cards.
Made from coloured paper, old wrapping paper, stickers and glossy paper,
and then I have written merry christmas in Danish on them.
Traded them for my moms old smartphone,
 a good deal I'd say