Monday, 24 December 2012

christmas holiday

Christmas preparations

 "brunkager" (danish gingerbread cookies) done

 "klejner" (danish fried biscuits) before being cooked in palmin

 "klejner" (danish fried biscuits) done

My mother and I made a deal.
She knit me a cape + a top(which is not done yet),
I knit her a pair of legwarmers. 
Here is the result

Legwarmers for my mother
Cape for me
loovve it :)

On holiday at my parents,
it is going okay,
very, very restless.
Fortunately there is plenty to do in preparations for Christmas eve tomorrow.
I am here with my cat.
My cat is not happy, 
she hated the trip down here in a car, she got ill in the car..
Poor thing, and my poor father who had to clean his car..
But she is slowly warming up to us again,


  1. Hi there! Do you have a recipe for your brunkager? They look amazing!

    1. Hi, sorry it has taken me so long to answer you, Christmas and New year kinda came in the way. But no I actually haven't got the recipe, it is my moms. It is a sorta pepercookie/gingerbread recipe with candied peal and almonds. But I found this one in english that looks a lot like the one we used:
      Though we cut them much more thinly.
      Happy New Year:)