Sunday, 29 December 2013

Homemade Christmas presents 2013

Christmas has come and gone away again.

I made a few Christmas presents this year.
Some from myself, some from my family.

 A small poncho for my mother made after a Drops pattern.
From me and my brother.

A small wallet for my mother with embroidery on it.
From me and my brother.
This time I made sure to embroider before I stitched it together.
Here are my first two tries at making a small wallet.

A pair of mittens for my Cousin.
From my family.
My 6th pair of mittens ever knitted

Two tea towels for my aunt.
From my family.

I really like this pattern,
it looks great.

I made two bracelets.
One for my grandmother, the one with dark blue beads, from me and my brother.
The one with lighter blue beads for my cousin from me.

I made two drawings for my aunt,
from me.

What did I get for Christmas?
A knitting book -  always nice:)
Some baking equipment ( piping bags and tips for them)
A scratching tree for my kitty. A homemade one, really nice looking.
Some kittybites and a recipe for my cat - not that she wants to fucking eat them.
 (Fortunately my parents cat really likes them;) )
A nice cream and  a soap.
A A5 papermaking frame. (already tried it out!)
A fountain pen - hurray, somehow lost my previous one, and I just love fountain pens:)
Some botanical books to draw from, and such. Always lovely.

Some really nice presents.

And on top of that, Christmas really haven't been too bad.
I have kept myself busy, to avoid doing any thinking that could make me sad.
And it has worked a treat.
I did choose not to go to two large family gatherings though, but I am okay with that.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas 2013

 It is the 24th of December.
Christmas eve,
 which is when we celebrate Christmas in Denmark.

Christmas eve consists of good traditional food.
Duck, pig with crispy skin, sauce, potatoes, sugar coated potatoes, cooked red cabbage, maybe vinegar cucumber salad, and then normally a salad of some sort.
For dessert there is "risalamande", which is a rice pudding with cream and almonds.
Though I am now a vegetarian, so I will be eating a mushroom pate instead of meat.

 Dancing around the Christmas tree, while singing Christmas hymns.
Not that I will be partaking in the dancing around the Christmas tree.

Christmas presents.

Then the sweets come out. 
The Chocolate marzipan my aunt and I made earlier, 
and all the cookies my aunt normally makes.
(we are celebrating Christmas at some family out in the country, farmers)
Oh and a nice cup of tea wouldn't go amiss at that point!:)

My parents tree with only the candles put on.

The finished tree

I have been busy, busy, busy while staying at my parents for the last 5 days or so.
I have been baking a lot.
Making presents.
Wrapping presents.
and cooking food.

Basically just been keeping myself busy.
Haven't been knitting a lot though.
And haven't been watching as much TV as I usually do.
Which is way nice! :)

I can't wish you a Merry Christmas,
because that is simply a too positive thing to do.
Which sounds weird I know.
But having been depressed for years, positive just isn't in my vocabulary.

But I do hope you won't have too bad a Christmas, and that you will have some okay days.

Monday, 16 December 2013

My weekend

Spent my weekend at some family, out in the country. Farmers.
My aunt and I made 'konfekt' (marzipan chocolates is the best description I can give).
Have done so for 5 years this time included I think.

The picture below show the result .
 We made:
- Baked marzipan with dark chocolate covered bottom
- Cornflakes covered with chocolate
- Almonds covered with chocolate
- Prunes and cognac marzipan covered with dark chocolate
- Orange, lemon marzipan
- Nougat and marzipan covered with dark chocolate
- Burnt almonds and marzipan covered with dark chocolate
- Coffee/chocolate/cream and marzipan covered with light chocolate
- Marzipan pretzel covered with dark chocolate and sprinkles
- Marzipan cones dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkles

That's it.
Used about 3 kg of marzipan.

I did have time to do plenty of other things though.
I crocheted, embroidered, knitted and drew.
 You won't believe just how many times I crocheted and then had to unravel it, 
the same piece of course.


The drawings are drawn from botanical books and,
well, what do you call books with birds in them..?

I really really liked making these drawings.
So calming:)

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Just now

  I have successfully made Caramels.
Failed twice before I got it right.
I have made/tried to make caramels each for Christmas the last many years.
Failed far too many times.

Also baked pebercookies or what ever they are called.
But it all went totally wrong.
Some was baked too much, some too little.
The surface was all uneven, not what I wanted.
Then I  found that I didn't even like the taste of them!
Did decorate some of them with icing before I threw them out, just for fun.
And it was fun:)

Went to the local flea market Saturday,
Got the following:
A book about birds that I can draw from.
 20 kr

Bought this for my parents, because they have been looking for something like it for a small bedroom.
50 kr

20 kr

Went to a large Christmas, antique sorta market Sunday with my parents, 
got the following:
 A porcelain snow flake
 40 kr (my father paid)

 A Christmas tree ornament
I think I paid 20-30 kr, don't really remember

An interesting book
 80 kr

A really nice brooch
200 kr

Monday, 9 December 2013

Blue cardigan with embroidery

Bought this blue cardigan some time ago.
Blue is one of my favourite colours, but I still thought it needed some embellishment,
to make it perfect.

The embroidery is made with 4 strands of sewing thread.

Finished result.

We had our first snow/hail friday(in Copenhagen).
Very Christmasy.

Made homemade pasta yesterday.
First time in 6 years!
And it was pretty good:)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Paintings and drawings

Small paintings of botanical motives.
Drawn after images from a botanical book. ( "Lademanns naturfører - Farve flora")
Cotoneaster integerrimus (Common Cotoneaster)
The flowers are wrong I know, but the picture I drew after was quite small, so bear with me.
20 x 20 cm

Mespilus germanica, medlar 
25 x 25 cm

Matchstick boxes:
My mother asked me to draw some birds on some matchstick boxes
They are 12 x 6,7 cm.
They are draw after images of "bird" on google.
Below is the result.

I have gotten an energy boost. Quite an odd sensation, because it is such a long time since I had so much energy. But a rather nice feeling.

December is here.
Spend Sunday Christmas decorating my apartment. Mostly with my homemade stuff.
Also baked "pebernødder" with a friend yesterday, yum.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

New wallet

   I have been wanting a smaller wallet for some time.
Since the one I got is pretty huge.
Which would be okay, if I didn't have to always have a million other things in my bag.
(Among others, my faithful water bottle.)

Outside of wallets

 Inside og wallets

Firstly I made the wallet on the left.
Made with viseline.
I found it rather troublesome,
and only managed a very poor hand stitched buttonhole.

Only then I realised it was too small, to fit my cards.

Oh well.

I decided to give it a go again, and started on the wallet on the right. 
Made sure it was bigger.
(11,5 cm x 9 cm)
I didn't use viseline this time, simply because I forgot all about it.
The outer fabric is from a tablecloth,
the inner fabric was bought in Thailand almost 20 years ago.
This time with a sewing maschine buttonhole.
Looking at it though, I found it too boring.
Considered embroidery, but then I would ruin the inside of the wallet.
So I stitched some ribbon onto the front as a compromise.

 Finished result of 2. wallet.

Next time, I will embroider on it.
 (Note to myself: Before stitching it together to get a much nicer result.)

Practise makes perfect. I hope.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Just now

Just now
Have tried twice to bake cakes with my parents new kitchen mixer wonder-machine.
The cake didn't raise both times. Next time I an definitely going to mix in the flour by hand so as to be more gentle.
Broken my favourite knitting needle. :( But bought a new one.
Bought "Mumford and Sons" CD from 2012.
Failed miserably trying to knit some fingerless mittens for my brother.
Have unravelled, unravelled and unravelled. A tinsy bit tired of it!
Been bored, and not wanting to knit. A very annoying thing.
Listning to "Oliver Twist" as an adiobook.
Started a new embroidery.

Latest drawings:

 Drawn from a picture of a sculpture.

Drawn from pictures.
I love birds

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Birthday gift for my mom

I have a lot of time on my hands,
and in all of those hours I normally have a project.
Something creative.

If I didn't I would go crazy

But I can't just make things for myself.
I already got everything I need you see.

And that is where my mother comes into the picture.
 Her birthday is in November.

The pictures below shows what my mothers gift consisted of.

Slippers with pompoms
Knitted with thick yarn, nice for a change.


1. shopping bag.
Made from old fabric, I have stolen from my mother years ago.
Some of the fabric used to be a table cloth.


2. shopping bag.
Made solely from old tablecloths.


1. apron.
Made from an old tablecloth 
( it was a pretty big tablecloth, I also got a skirt from the same tablecloth)


2. apron
Made from some fabric I wanted to make a skirt from,
but I cut wrongly when I was cutting for the skirt.
So a apron it is.
Embroidered with sewing thread.
I can see it needs some ironing. Afraid the fabric is not ideal for an apron
Oh well


And two puzzles from the local flea market.
My mother got a mania for puzzles at the moment

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

More Christmas cards 2013

Christmas cards:

 Brought cream coloured cardboard to make this next batch of Christmas card.
The first ones, you can see here.
But having somehow lost my mojo,
I just couldn't find the perfect motif .
So I kept failing, and failing.
- Which is something I have been doing a lot of lately.
(won't even talk about my latest knitting project.)

I did make 10 cards though.
5 of Christmas ornaments. Not totally satisfied with them though.
5 of birds. Fairly satisfied with them.