Friday, 29 March 2013


 Went to a fleamarket today with my mother.

I got a pair of salt and pepper shakers,
a crossword book,
a sleeveless top,
a shirt,
two spoons and two forks,
and some poppy seeds and cumin seeds.

salt and pepper shakers:
The salt top is sadly much more worn than the pepper one,
but nothing to do about that.
They are still sweet,
and I have been looking for a pair of shakers.

I am doing well 
(did I just write that?)
Been cooking dinner for myself for a couple of days,
have been cleaning up after myself as well.
Both something I usually do not do.
At all.
It has helped though,
that I have had some days without all of the stupid thoughts,
and all that jazz.
Its a rather odd feeling, 
but I must admit that things look more bright that ever.

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