Sunday, 28 April 2013


 1. Fountain pen with ink cardriges
2. calligraphy pen to use with ink bottle
3. ordinary pen (felt tipped pen)

Ink Ink Ink
Normally I write with a fountain pen  (I write in a diary),
but I ran out of ink cardriges.
So instead I changed to a calligraphy pen with ink in a bottle.
I had already run out of ordinary pens you see.
But anyways, it was all going well, and I was enjoying it
 untill -----
I, of course, knocked over the ink bottle.
Ink all over the place.
On my desk, in my keyboard, in my pc mouse, onto my varnished floor, 
(that have around a million scratches  because of my cat.)
Now, all of the scratches are jet black.


But, it had to happen one day.
Now I have bought myself some normal pens..

After the ink

How the rest of the floor looks like

Thursday, 25 April 2013


 A shawl in cotton I started on while I was at the hospital.
Now though I find it boring, So I unravelled it.

A double knit scarf I started on in December, 
when I got some yarn and a knitting book with fair isle patterns.
Now I just really don't feel like it.
So I rather wanna start on a completely new project when I feel like it again.
- so I unravelled it.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Just now

 Selma in the sink.
She could harly lie still enough for me to take a picture of her,
she was that excited.
Excited about being petted,
 and of the chance,
 that I might just turn on the tap!

Her absolute favourite thing in the world,
must be when I turn on the tap in the bathroom.

Every time I go in the direction of the bathroom,
she storms ahead and jumps into the sink,
just in case I was going to turn on the tap

 Selma in one of her favourite spot at the moment.

My latest project.

I have started in a knitting club  on Fridays,
so I obviously have to have something to knit on.
Not that I actually feel like knitting.

But just when I was getting to the exciting part of the pattern,
my understanding of the pattern failed.
The pattern is "dew drops shawl" from
And I don't get it, at all.

So now I am going to unravel it,
and try something else.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Just now

My newly polished copper table :)

I cleaned up in my kitchen.
It was a frightful mess.
I washed some things by hand!
(I have a dishwasher so most things go into that)
Something I have only done 2 times now,
in the last year.

I know it can sound weird that I haven't been able to do something that simple,
but that is what it is like being ill.

Because I haven't had much energy the last, 
well, long time.
I have had to have a rather limited and simple diet:
oatmeal, cornflakes, milk, yoghurt, bread, nutella, fruit
 and then once in a while, pancakes or a fried egg and bacon.

But hopefully, now I am getting better,
I will be able to expand my diet somewhat.
I am looking much forward to it!