Sunday, 28 April 2013


 1. Fountain pen with ink cardriges
2. calligraphy pen to use with ink bottle
3. ordinary pen (felt tipped pen)

Ink Ink Ink
Normally I write with a fountain pen  (I write in a diary),
but I ran out of ink cardriges.
So instead I changed to a calligraphy pen with ink in a bottle.
I had already run out of ordinary pens you see.
But anyways, it was all going well, and I was enjoying it
 untill -----
I, of course, knocked over the ink bottle.
Ink all over the place.
On my desk, in my keyboard, in my pc mouse, onto my varnished floor, 
(that have around a million scratches  because of my cat.)
Now, all of the scratches are jet black.


But, it had to happen one day.
Now I have bought myself some normal pens..

After the ink

How the rest of the floor looks like

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