Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Just now

My newly polished copper table :)

I cleaned up in my kitchen.
It was a frightful mess.
I washed some things by hand!
(I have a dishwasher so most things go into that)
Something I have only done 2 times now,
in the last year.

I know it can sound weird that I haven't been able to do something that simple,
but that is what it is like being ill.

Because I haven't had much energy the last, 
well, long time.
I have had to have a rather limited and simple diet:
oatmeal, cornflakes, milk, yoghurt, bread, nutella, fruit
 and then once in a while, pancakes or a fried egg and bacon.

But hopefully, now I am getting better,
I will be able to expand my diet somewhat.
I am looking much forward to it!

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