Friday, 12 April 2013

Just now

 Selma in the sink.
She could harly lie still enough for me to take a picture of her,
she was that excited.
Excited about being petted,
 and of the chance,
 that I might just turn on the tap!

Her absolute favourite thing in the world,
must be when I turn on the tap in the bathroom.

Every time I go in the direction of the bathroom,
she storms ahead and jumps into the sink,
just in case I was going to turn on the tap

 Selma in one of her favourite spot at the moment.

My latest project.

I have started in a knitting club  on Fridays,
so I obviously have to have something to knit on.
Not that I actually feel like knitting.

But just when I was getting to the exciting part of the pattern,
my understanding of the pattern failed.
The pattern is "dew drops shawl" from
And I don't get it, at all.

So now I am going to unravel it,
and try something else.

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