Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Paintings in progress

 3 paintings in the works.

But am taking a break from painting right now, 
until I one day suddenly feel like it again.
So this is how they look so far.

 This is my favourite one at the moment.

 Not satisfied with 3 of the 6 birds. Really like the two with yellow and the green one.
Still a lot of work to be done.

This one is really close to being done,
 I think..
Need to add some more shadow to some of the flowers.
And maybe a butterfly.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Folder personalized

My mother visited me last weekend.

I had made her a folder in white,brown and black.
The folder is originally blue as you can see.
 I gather it would have been best with a white or black folder so the front and the inside coordinated in colours. 
But I only had a blue one. 

How to:
It is very simple.
Firstly finding some paper I thought would work together.
Then ripping them into suitable seizes.
Then whit a gluestick, 
putting glue on the back of the paper,
 and then sticking in onto the folder the right place.
I used cut outs from magazines, music sheets, teabags and gift-wrapping paper.
You could then cover the paper with some lacquer to make it more durable.
I chose not to, simply because it takes such a darn long time to put on several layers.

I have already sorted my paper stash in colours.
(I am a freak like that, but I just love to colour-sort things)
So I got, a blue, a red, a green, a yellow, a purple and a white/brown/black little box filled with paper.

My mother brought me flowers from their garden.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

On life

 The cat relaxing (when dosen't she?!), notice the curtains

feel good.
> did I just write that?!
I am finally getting my life back.
Well I should say:
I am finally getting A LIFE,
because it is in fact too long ago I had a normal regular boring old life,
I mean a bloody fantastic life. 

OK I am not quite there yet,
but I am feeling the progress towards something better.

Now you might think I am setting myself up for a huge let down,
 thinking life is supposed to be fantastic.
But you got to see it from my point of view.
A lot of my life I though life was a pain in the butt. Hated it. Despised it.
Thinking life was this horrible thing you had to endure.
Having been so sad that the half could be enough.
Now I am finding, that life is not at all supposed to be that way,
which is rather surprising.

So you see life is fantastic in a way.
(Ok, life is also horrible, terrible and sad, but just let me cling to this positive thought for just a bit)

But maybe, just maybe, one day
-Soon, I will have enough energy to clean my apartment by myself
- Soon, I will have enough energy to cook proper meals every day for myself
- Soon, I will have enough energy to start exercising 
- I can actually cope with a class situation
- I can actually take an education
- I can actually get a job, and maybe even like it
- I might even achieve my biggest dream of a house and garden in the countryside

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

 Been making a pompom garland for my bedroom out of leftover yarn.
The pompoms are pretty rough,
but they'll do.

I started knitting this scarf lately ,
but now I have finally decided to give up.
I just wasn't happy with it.

unravel unravel

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Guest towels

 Been knitting guest towels.
A pretty easy project,
good for when watching tons of tv.

65 sts wide

 77 sts wide

Saturday, 4 May 2013

just now

I have started knitting a scarf,
but I have started and unravelled it 4 times or so.
Different seize needle, different wideness of the scarf.
Now though I have settled on a seize 5 needle and a 25 cm wide scarf.
(the knitting on the picture is one of my 4 tries)
I hope it will look real nice once I have blocked it.

I have finally, finally started being creative again,
and its lovely :)

Today my mother came around, 
and helped me,
getting some clothes washed,
shopping for food,
library visit,
and a trip to the local flea market.
very nice.

I bought 4 books at the flea market.
2 of them are botanical book, which I use to draw and paint from.

And this little one,
she just lies around looking adorable.