Thursday, 23 May 2013

Folder personalized

My mother visited me last weekend.

I had made her a folder in white,brown and black.
The folder is originally blue as you can see.
 I gather it would have been best with a white or black folder so the front and the inside coordinated in colours. 
But I only had a blue one. 

How to:
It is very simple.
Firstly finding some paper I thought would work together.
Then ripping them into suitable seizes.
Then whit a gluestick, 
putting glue on the back of the paper,
 and then sticking in onto the folder the right place.
I used cut outs from magazines, music sheets, teabags and gift-wrapping paper.
You could then cover the paper with some lacquer to make it more durable.
I chose not to, simply because it takes such a darn long time to put on several layers.

I have already sorted my paper stash in colours.
(I am a freak like that, but I just love to colour-sort things)
So I got, a blue, a red, a green, a yellow, a purple and a white/brown/black little box filled with paper.

My mother brought me flowers from their garden.

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