Saturday, 4 May 2013

just now

I have started knitting a scarf,
but I have started and unravelled it 4 times or so.
Different seize needle, different wideness of the scarf.
Now though I have settled on a seize 5 needle and a 25 cm wide scarf.
(the knitting on the picture is one of my 4 tries)
I hope it will look real nice once I have blocked it.

I have finally, finally started being creative again,
and its lovely :)

Today my mother came around, 
and helped me,
getting some clothes washed,
shopping for food,
library visit,
and a trip to the local flea market.
very nice.

I bought 4 books at the flea market.
2 of them are botanical book, which I use to draw and paint from.

And this little one,
she just lies around looking adorable.

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