Sunday, 19 May 2013

On life

 The cat relaxing (when dosen't she?!), notice the curtains

feel good.
> did I just write that?!
I am finally getting my life back.
Well I should say:
I am finally getting A LIFE,
because it is in fact too long ago I had a normal regular boring old life,
I mean a bloody fantastic life. 

OK I am not quite there yet,
but I am feeling the progress towards something better.

Now you might think I am setting myself up for a huge let down,
 thinking life is supposed to be fantastic.
But you got to see it from my point of view.
A lot of my life I though life was a pain in the butt. Hated it. Despised it.
Thinking life was this horrible thing you had to endure.
Having been so sad that the half could be enough.
Now I am finding, that life is not at all supposed to be that way,
which is rather surprising.

So you see life is fantastic in a way.
(Ok, life is also horrible, terrible and sad, but just let me cling to this positive thought for just a bit)

But maybe, just maybe, one day
-Soon, I will have enough energy to clean my apartment by myself
- Soon, I will have enough energy to cook proper meals every day for myself
- Soon, I will have enough energy to start exercising 
- I can actually cope with a class situation
- I can actually take an education
- I can actually get a job, and maybe even like it
- I might even achieve my biggest dream of a house and garden in the countryside

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  1. Kære Sofie,

    Det glæder os usigeligt meget at det går meget bedre for dig.

    Vi har sendt dig en mail

    Kærlig hilsen Mormor og morfar