Saturday, 29 June 2013

just now

Knitting a pair of socks

An embroidery I am working on.

Went to the local fleamarket.
Got a cardigan for my collection (got 11 now, I just love them all).
There was a hole on the sleeve that I fixed, and took off the pockets as well.
And a book, on all things Austen. Can only be a good book!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Scarf for my cousin

I have made the scarf below for my cousin 18th birthday.
 It was quite the challenge for me.
I saw a pattern on ravelry which I bought, but I wasn't satisfied with the result.
So I ended up making my own pattern from looking a the pictures belonging to the pattern.
 I did do quite a lot of tries to get i perfect though!
 But it sure was very interesting.

 blocking on my foam mats

The scarf is knitted in garther stich with a cable and a lace edgeing
The scarf is really slim at the start and end, 
and is increased half of the scarf,
  and decreased the other half,
 with a stich every 6th row.

Sanktehans was not nearly as fun as I hoped.
I ended up feeling very ill.
It all came back to me,
sadness, hopelessness, low self-esteem and much more.
Need to somehow find a way to handle groups of people,
so I wont feel ill every time I am together with more than 5 people.

I fine now however, thank God it was only temporarely excruciating.
Am back at home, with my sweet Selma.
who I could hear meowing when I stept onto the staircase.
I have been missed,
very nice:)
Though she had pushed a plant and a lamp down onto the floor,
fortunately none of it broke!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Just now

Selmas new favorite plant!
You can see her red tounge through the foliage.
yum yum, must taste good.

Going home to my parents for the weekend,
to celebrate a birthday, and Sankthans (witch, bonfire, snobrød and hygge)
Bringing the latest embroidery and crochet project,
and some tea
 - to keep me calm.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

wreath and flowers

 I have made this wreath from old scrap pictures my grandmother had collected.
I made it for my mom.
Firstly I pulled the scrap pictures off the pages on the book they were in,
as carefully as I could.
Then I started with a piece of paper,
where I glued the pieces of scrap pictures onto.
Then I cut the outer edge with a siccor,
and then I cut the inner edge with a box-cutter.

Below you see the latest bunch of flowers from my parents garden.

Beautifull :)

I will continue my weekend with two books:
The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy,
and mr knightleys diary

and some tea!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


  Have made 3 potholders of leftover yarn.
The potholder in the middel is made with a seize 6 hook,
and the two others are made with a seize 7 hook.
Nice to do something with large needles/hooks :)

Friday, 7 June 2013


 Went to "mit hjem er mit slot",
 (an outdoor arrangement with lots of sellers, and the theme, 
lifestyle, indoor decorating and gardening)
with my mother the other day.

There I found a really nice braclet.
Normally I am all for buying handmade things and supporting craftspeople,
but sadly the bracelet was too big for my slim wrist,
 and not in my colours (I like bright colours).

So instead I decided to try and make one myself.
The pictures below is the result,
and I must say I am very satisfied with it .
Though it was a bit troublesome to fasten all the beads to the crocheted part.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

kitty in the lap and a crossword,
does it get any better?