Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Scarf for my cousin

I have made the scarf below for my cousin 18th birthday.
 It was quite the challenge for me.
I saw a pattern on ravelry which I bought, but I wasn't satisfied with the result.
So I ended up making my own pattern from looking a the pictures belonging to the pattern.
 I did do quite a lot of tries to get i perfect though!
 But it sure was very interesting.

 blocking on my foam mats

The scarf is knitted in garther stich with a cable and a lace edgeing
The scarf is really slim at the start and end, 
and is increased half of the scarf,
  and decreased the other half,
 with a stich every 6th row.

Sanktehans was not nearly as fun as I hoped.
I ended up feeling very ill.
It all came back to me,
sadness, hopelessness, low self-esteem and much more.
Need to somehow find a way to handle groups of people,
so I wont feel ill every time I am together with more than 5 people.

I fine now however, thank God it was only temporarely excruciating.
Am back at home, with my sweet Selma.
who I could hear meowing when I stept onto the staircase.
I have been missed,
very nice:)
Though she had pushed a plant and a lamp down onto the floor,
fortunately none of it broke!

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