Tuesday, 30 July 2013


 So I made a second pincushion with fleur de lis design.
Though in different colours.
 I really made sure to tighten the yarn this time,
and I think it helped.
But as you can see, the wool is still visible trough the knitted.
oh well

I made this one for my mom. 
She got a very old one I made years ago.
A felted green hat, with a ribbon and some artificial flowers adorning it.

Oh and I have loaded up on craft supplies:)

Walked a million km today, feet very sore.
Enjoying the rain that is pouring down.
Knitting on a pillowcover in fair isle design.
Enjoyed some hours with a very good friend.
And now I will make another cup of tea.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Shawl and pincushion

 I started on this shawl some month ago,
and finally finished it some days ago.
I was a very pleased that I finally, finally finished it.
Only, then I looked at it,
and well, I don't like it!
It is way too big, and I dont like the pattern enough.

So guess what I did,
I unravelled it!

 a close up of the pattern

Yesterday I was bored,
as i very often am.

So I decided to make a pincushion.
I decided  on a fleur de lis pattern,
which I then started designing.

I finished knitting one, 
but it was all wrong.
So  I made a second one,
which I am more pleased with.

This is the result:

Knitted on 5 double pointed needles seize 2,5 mm
The only thing that bothers me, 
is that you can see the wool through the knitted in the top.
So next time I shall take more care to tighten the yarn more when decreasing.

Monday, 22 July 2013


Finished this embroidery,
which is made from patterns from a Fair Isle book I got for christmas.
It measures 17,2 x 20 cm.
I made mistakes several times, but corrected it most of the times.
So there is a few mistakes in it that I decided I could live with,
or rather that I decided my mom could live with.
Hence it is eventually going to become a pencil case for my mother.
Oh and just ignore the two squares I have forgotten to fill out. I will get it done at some point.

All in all,
 it was really challenging and fun to do.

Been to the libary and apothecary with the aid of "Zyprexa" (medicin)
a very nice feeling to be able to do it on my own.
Not really looking forward to going outside my apartment more often,
but looking forward to being able to do more things on my own.
Both by the aid of Zyprexa, but also just because I think I might just be getting better.

Monday, 15 July 2013

My cat on holiday

Because I had to go to Bornholm on holiday with my parents, 
I had to bring my cat home to my parents, 
where she would be looked after with their cat (called Olivia), by a neighbour

 My parents cat, Oliva.

It was a pretty tough trip for my kitty, that poor thing,
and the whole thing, being at a new place, was really hard on her.
The first couple of days we could hardly get near her.
But she did begin to warm a bit up before we left.

  Selma found a Valeriana (Centranthus ruber)
yum yum

 She saw it fit to crawl up a tree, but then couldn't get down.
Luckily it was a small tree so my dad could get her down.
Stupid kitty ;)

Though,  when we got back yesterday she was all cuddley and social:)

Now we are back home, after yet another bad trip including puke.
But she seems fine and is her old self again.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Just now and a pair of socks

 A normal day on the sofa.

A cat, 
an embrodiery, 
pattern for embroidery,
 embroidery floss,
 my new scissors,
 a knitting book on fair isle design.,
a blanket
and a curled of cardigan.

A bit of everything.

A new pair of socks!

Knitted  toe up.
I had a pattern in a book I wanted to make, 
but in that pattern the sts count was 40 sts pr side, 80 sts in circomference.
My seize fits 30 sts pr side, 60 sts in circomference.
So I had to make up my own cable pattern.

It is my 4th pair of socks ever knitted.

The only critique I have is the rib. 
I just dont like it.

Tomorrow I have to bring my cat with the train home to my parents.
Makes me very nervous.