Monday, 22 July 2013


Finished this embroidery,
which is made from patterns from a Fair Isle book I got for christmas.
It measures 17,2 x 20 cm.
I made mistakes several times, but corrected it most of the times.
So there is a few mistakes in it that I decided I could live with,
or rather that I decided my mom could live with.
Hence it is eventually going to become a pencil case for my mother.
Oh and just ignore the two squares I have forgotten to fill out. I will get it done at some point.

All in all,
 it was really challenging and fun to do.

Been to the libary and apothecary with the aid of "Zyprexa" (medicin)
a very nice feeling to be able to do it on my own.
Not really looking forward to going outside my apartment more often,
but looking forward to being able to do more things on my own.
Both by the aid of Zyprexa, but also just because I think I might just be getting better.

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