Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Just now and a pair of socks

 A normal day on the sofa.

A cat, 
an embrodiery, 
pattern for embroidery,
 embroidery floss,
 my new scissors,
 a knitting book on fair isle design.,
a blanket
and a curled of cardigan.

A bit of everything.

A new pair of socks!

Knitted  toe up.
I had a pattern in a book I wanted to make, 
but in that pattern the sts count was 40 sts pr side, 80 sts in circomference.
My seize fits 30 sts pr side, 60 sts in circomference.
So I had to make up my own cable pattern.

It is my 4th pair of socks ever knitted.

The only critique I have is the rib. 
I just dont like it.

Tomorrow I have to bring my cat with the train home to my parents.
Makes me very nervous.

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