Monday, 15 July 2013

My cat on holiday

Because I had to go to Bornholm on holiday with my parents, 
I had to bring my cat home to my parents, 
where she would be looked after with their cat (called Olivia), by a neighbour

 My parents cat, Oliva.

It was a pretty tough trip for my kitty, that poor thing,
and the whole thing, being at a new place, was really hard on her.
The first couple of days we could hardly get near her.
But she did begin to warm a bit up before we left.

  Selma found a Valeriana (Centranthus ruber)
yum yum

 She saw it fit to crawl up a tree, but then couldn't get down.
Luckily it was a small tree so my dad could get her down.
Stupid kitty ;)

Though,  when we got back yesterday she was all cuddley and social:)

Now we are back home, after yet another bad trip including puke.
But she seems fine and is her old self again.

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