Friday, 26 July 2013

Shawl and pincushion

 I started on this shawl some month ago,
and finally finished it some days ago.
I was a very pleased that I finally, finally finished it.
Only, then I looked at it,
and well, I don't like it!
It is way too big, and I dont like the pattern enough.

So guess what I did,
I unravelled it!

 a close up of the pattern

Yesterday I was bored,
as i very often am.

So I decided to make a pincushion.
I decided  on a fleur de lis pattern,
which I then started designing.

I finished knitting one, 
but it was all wrong.
So  I made a second one,
which I am more pleased with.

This is the result:

Knitted on 5 double pointed needles seize 2,5 mm
The only thing that bothers me, 
is that you can see the wool through the knitted in the top.
So next time I shall take more care to tighten the yarn more when decreasing.

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