Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Failed pillow cover

So I started on an new Fair Isle pillow cover for my mother.

I started by finding the designs I wanted to make in my Fair Isle book.
Drew them on a piece of paper.
Found the yarns I wanted to use.
Even counted rows and stitches on a pillow cover I had already made,
to make sure I got right.

But, but.

I got pretty far before I decided with myself that I really had made it too small.
It would fit a 35x35 pillow, ( though I haven't been able to find one anywhere).
It was supposed to fit a 40x40 pillow you see, so I had gotten it all wrong.
And when I really looked at it, I decided I really didn't like the colours quite enough.
Damn x two.

So I took it off the needles and started again, with more stitches added.
I haven't unravelled it.
I will keep it as a reminder.

I am considering whether to change colours on both background and the design,
or to keep the background in one colour, and only change colour on the design.

Though I can feel I am more reluctant to knit on the new pillow cover,
because I have allready kinda done it.
It is like if you knit socks one at a time, when you get to number two, your sorta bored.

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