Sunday, 24 November 2013

Birthday gift for my mom

I have a lot of time on my hands,
and in all of those hours I normally have a project.
Something creative.

If I didn't I would go crazy

But I can't just make things for myself.
I already got everything I need you see.

And that is where my mother comes into the picture.
 Her birthday is in November.

The pictures below shows what my mothers gift consisted of.

Slippers with pompoms
Knitted with thick yarn, nice for a change.


1. shopping bag.
Made from old fabric, I have stolen from my mother years ago.
Some of the fabric used to be a table cloth.


2. shopping bag.
Made solely from old tablecloths.


1. apron.
Made from an old tablecloth 
( it was a pretty big tablecloth, I also got a skirt from the same tablecloth)


2. apron
Made from some fabric I wanted to make a skirt from,
but I cut wrongly when I was cutting for the skirt.
So a apron it is.
Embroidered with sewing thread.
I can see it needs some ironing. Afraid the fabric is not ideal for an apron
Oh well


And two puzzles from the local flea market.
My mother got a mania for puzzles at the moment

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