Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Just now

Just now
Have tried twice to bake cakes with my parents new kitchen mixer wonder-machine.
The cake didn't raise both times. Next time I an definitely going to mix in the flour by hand so as to be more gentle.
Broken my favourite knitting needle. :( But bought a new one.
Bought "Mumford and Sons" CD from 2012.
Failed miserably trying to knit some fingerless mittens for my brother.
Have unravelled, unravelled and unravelled. A tinsy bit tired of it!
Been bored, and not wanting to knit. A very annoying thing.
Listning to "Oliver Twist" as an adiobook.
Started a new embroidery.

Latest drawings:

 Drawn from a picture of a sculpture.

Drawn from pictures.
I love birds

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  1. Kære Sofie.
    Det er en flot tegning af hovedet. Dine fugle er altid gode
    Kærlig hilsen fra Mormor og Morfar