Monday, 18 November 2013

Mitten try nr. 4

 The pattern drawn up

Mitten try nr. 4

These mittens I made for my mother.

I started knitting these mittens with 3 colours at the same time,
but I simply couldn't work out how.
Which was pretty annoying.
Though still wanting the three colour effect on the hand,
I ended up embroidering the 3 colour (the green) on instead.

Knitted on 2,5 mm circular needle.
 The hand front design is made from a picture on Pinterest.
The cuff design is from a book, "200 Fair Isle Designs" by Jane Mucklestone

The hand is 59 sts
The thumb is either 22 or 24 sts, can't remember.
The wrist is either 40 or 36 sts, can't remember that either., knitted in purl.
The cuff is 70 sts.
 The cuff edge is knitted in purl.

 4 colours are used in the mittens.

They are in fact a bit small for my mothers hands.
But she wears them anyway.
But for another time, I will make them a tad bigger.


  close up of cuff

Close up of mitten front

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