Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas 2013

 It is the 24th of December.
Christmas eve,
 which is when we celebrate Christmas in Denmark.

Christmas eve consists of good traditional food.
Duck, pig with crispy skin, sauce, potatoes, sugar coated potatoes, cooked red cabbage, maybe vinegar cucumber salad, and then normally a salad of some sort.
For dessert there is "risalamande", which is a rice pudding with cream and almonds.
Though I am now a vegetarian, so I will be eating a mushroom pate instead of meat.

 Dancing around the Christmas tree, while singing Christmas hymns.
Not that I will be partaking in the dancing around the Christmas tree.

Christmas presents.

Then the sweets come out. 
The Chocolate marzipan my aunt and I made earlier, 
and all the cookies my aunt normally makes.
(we are celebrating Christmas at some family out in the country, farmers)
Oh and a nice cup of tea wouldn't go amiss at that point!:)

My parents tree with only the candles put on.

The finished tree

I have been busy, busy, busy while staying at my parents for the last 5 days or so.
I have been baking a lot.
Making presents.
Wrapping presents.
and cooking food.

Basically just been keeping myself busy.
Haven't been knitting a lot though.
And haven't been watching as much TV as I usually do.
Which is way nice! :)

I can't wish you a Merry Christmas,
because that is simply a too positive thing to do.
Which sounds weird I know.
But having been depressed for years, positive just isn't in my vocabulary.

But I do hope you won't have too bad a Christmas, and that you will have some okay days.

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