Sunday, 29 December 2013

Homemade Christmas presents 2013

Christmas has come and gone away again.

I made a few Christmas presents this year.
Some from myself, some from my family.

 A small poncho for my mother made after a Drops pattern.
From me and my brother.

A small wallet for my mother with embroidery on it.
From me and my brother.
This time I made sure to embroider before I stitched it together.
Here are my first two tries at making a small wallet.

A pair of mittens for my Cousin.
From my family.
My 6th pair of mittens ever knitted

Two tea towels for my aunt.
From my family.

I really like this pattern,
it looks great.

I made two bracelets.
One for my grandmother, the one with dark blue beads, from me and my brother.
The one with lighter blue beads for my cousin from me.

I made two drawings for my aunt,
from me.

What did I get for Christmas?
A knitting book -  always nice:)
Some baking equipment ( piping bags and tips for them)
A scratching tree for my kitty. A homemade one, really nice looking.
Some kittybites and a recipe for my cat - not that she wants to fucking eat them.
 (Fortunately my parents cat really likes them;) )
A nice cream and  a soap.
A A5 papermaking frame. (already tried it out!)
A fountain pen - hurray, somehow lost my previous one, and I just love fountain pens:)
Some botanical books to draw from, and such. Always lovely.

Some really nice presents.

And on top of that, Christmas really haven't been too bad.
I have kept myself busy, to avoid doing any thinking that could make me sad.
And it has worked a treat.
I did choose not to go to two large family gatherings though, but I am okay with that.


  1. I love the mittens you made and the paintings are great, too.

  2. Sounds like you had a good time and what lovely gifts you have made. I especially love those mittens - they look so clever!