Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Just now

  I have successfully made Caramels.
Failed twice before I got it right.
I have made/tried to make caramels each for Christmas the last many years.
Failed far too many times.

Also baked pebercookies or what ever they are called.
But it all went totally wrong.
Some was baked too much, some too little.
The surface was all uneven, not what I wanted.
Then I  found that I didn't even like the taste of them!
Did decorate some of them with icing before I threw them out, just for fun.
And it was fun:)

Went to the local flea market Saturday,
Got the following:
A book about birds that I can draw from.
 20 kr

Bought this for my parents, because they have been looking for something like it for a small bedroom.
50 kr

20 kr

Went to a large Christmas, antique sorta market Sunday with my parents, 
got the following:
 A porcelain snow flake
 40 kr (my father paid)

 A Christmas tree ornament
I think I paid 20-30 kr, don't really remember

An interesting book
 80 kr

A really nice brooch
200 kr

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