Monday, 16 December 2013

My weekend

Spent my weekend at some family, out in the country. Farmers.
My aunt and I made 'konfekt' (marzipan chocolates is the best description I can give).
Have done so for 5 years this time included I think.

The picture below show the result .
 We made:
- Baked marzipan with dark chocolate covered bottom
- Cornflakes covered with chocolate
- Almonds covered with chocolate
- Prunes and cognac marzipan covered with dark chocolate
- Orange, lemon marzipan
- Nougat and marzipan covered with dark chocolate
- Burnt almonds and marzipan covered with dark chocolate
- Coffee/chocolate/cream and marzipan covered with light chocolate
- Marzipan pretzel covered with dark chocolate and sprinkles
- Marzipan cones dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkles

That's it.
Used about 3 kg of marzipan.

I did have time to do plenty of other things though.
I crocheted, embroidered, knitted and drew.
 You won't believe just how many times I crocheted and then had to unravel it, 
the same piece of course.


The drawings are drawn from botanical books and,
well, what do you call books with birds in them..?

I really really liked making these drawings.
So calming:)

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