Sunday, 1 December 2013

New wallet

   I have been wanting a smaller wallet for some time.
Since the one I got is pretty huge.
Which would be okay, if I didn't have to always have a million other things in my bag.
(Among others, my faithful water bottle.)

Outside of wallets

 Inside og wallets

Firstly I made the wallet on the left.
Made with viseline.
I found it rather troublesome,
and only managed a very poor hand stitched buttonhole.

Only then I realised it was too small, to fit my cards.

Oh well.

I decided to give it a go again, and started on the wallet on the right. 
Made sure it was bigger.
(11,5 cm x 9 cm)
I didn't use viseline this time, simply because I forgot all about it.
The outer fabric is from a tablecloth,
the inner fabric was bought in Thailand almost 20 years ago.
This time with a sewing maschine buttonhole.
Looking at it though, I found it too boring.
Considered embroidery, but then I would ruin the inside of the wallet.
So I stitched some ribbon onto the front as a compromise.

 Finished result of 2. wallet.

Next time, I will embroider on it.
 (Note to myself: Before stitching it together to get a much nicer result.)

Practise makes perfect. I hope.

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