Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I have been wanting to make a wreath for myself for a long time.
I even bought a straw wreath quite some time ago.

 Then one day, I went into flower mode!
Started crocheting flowers, in different seizes.
I used patterns from Drops, and also improvised a bit.
Also bought some cheap wool for felting in Søstrene Grene,
 and got myself a felting needle from Panduro

And off I went.
Firstly I wrapped the straw wreath in leftover yarn.

Then I felted and crocheted.
The crocheting meant that countless ends have to be sew in!

I used felted flowers, crocheted flowers, and plastic flowers and leaves for the wreath.

The plastic flowers have been sitting in a jar for several years.
Good to see them getting used for something.
 Positioned them on the wreath and stuck needles into them.

Lastly I glued them on with a glue gun.

Ta-da. One finished wreath

Now hanging on my front door, on the inside, so I can see it every day.


Have managed to change my sleeping pattern.
- I have been awake at night and sleeping during the day.
Stupid, I know.
Had a sensible day today though.
Hoping it continues

Friday, 24 January 2014

Bathroom mat

I made a bathroom mat for my mother some time ago, 
but to tell you the truth it was butt ugly!
(I made a crocheted edge that I completely screwed up,
who knew you could do that?! )

So me mother asked me if I wanted to make a new one for her, if she bought some yarn.
Of course I would!

Then she presented me with 4 different colours of cotton yarn,
from Søstrene grene. Some of my favorite:)

I decided on a ripple stitch pattern with the 4 different colours in stripes.
Though, the whole striped thing meant a lot of ends to weave in..
oh well, I survived.

I like the result, and it was fun making, 
which is the most important when doing a project.
Or you'll be bored out of your mind!
Or, I certainly will!

Uh, and my mom bought 8 balls of yarn, and I only used 4.
So 4 balls of yarn to make something else out of.
Will probably end up as guest towels, but must find a pattern that wont be boring to make!


Have had some low days.
-But hoping I am just at the turning point!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Mitten try no. 6

  Mitten try no. 6

I knitted these for my cousin.
Finished them in December 2013.
Knitted in Drops Alpaca wool 
Knitted on 2,5 mm circular needles, 2 mittens at the time. 
(I love that method!)
Fair Isle designs from "200 Fair Isle Designs" by Mary Mucklestone.
3 colours are used.
The body is 33x 33 sts, 66 sts in all.
Thumb is 24 sts


My grandmother died this morning.
She was very ill, so it was not a great suprise.
But I did think she would live for a couple of more months.
I am sorry to say that I was not as close to her as I once was.
My illness ruined that for me.
I do not really know what else to write.

Compared to death, what is really important?

I think I will go and give my cat a hug (just did, I don't think she liked it much ;) ), then I will drink som more tea, and knit a bit. What else is there to do really.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Just now

I have started on a pair of red legwarmers for myself.
Which is good, 
all be it, very boring, because it just seems to take forever.
Like really!

I am sleeping quite a lot.
The kitty is enjoying it, lots of cuddling time.
Thinking about it, I do to:)

Trying to start on some placemats for myself,
not suceeding.

My kitchen pretty much looks like shite.

Besides for that.. well..
Maybe tomorrow will be the day I will assert myself.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Blue placemats

I made these for my mom and dad.
Finished them in December 2013
 They are made from a" PurlBee" pattern.

I used about 8 - 9 balls of yarn.
The yarn is bought in "Søstrene grene".
They are crocheted with a 3 mm hook.

I had a bit of trouble with one of the place mats where I just made mistake after mistake 
Obviously in the end, I managed to finish them all.

Would actually not mind having some myself one day,
but I am bored with the pattern now, and cotton yarn.
So I will wait a bit before making some for myself.
Maybe I will use a different pattern .
Who knows


Sleeping a bit much at the moment. Simply love sleeping.
- But started at a new knitting project, something to be excited about, or at least something to do.

Now I will knit a bit more, and drink some more tea:)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fair isle pillow cover no. 3

This is the third Fair Isle pillow cover I have made.
Done for my mother.

Pillow cover
Made with 120 x 2 sts.
Knitted on 2,5 mm needles.
Used 4 different designs from my Fair Isle book.
Fitted with a zipper.

The picture above shows the pillow cover I started on,
 but ended up starting anew because I didn't like it.

So I started again.
Decided on the colours I wanted to use .
Then I decided to only use 4 different designs,
 instead of the 8 I had decided on at first.
Also chose to make the background in only one colour per design,
 to get a more calm look.

Then I knitted away.

  The piece washed and drying

 When I reached the end of the pillow cover, I ran out of the light blue wool I was using.
So I substituted it with a light blue cotton.


January is here.
I have always sorta liked January, 
- some of the reason is that my birthday is in January.
- Some of the reason is that it is a time to start anew.
- Also it is perfect for "hygge", candles, music, movies, blankets, knitting and drinking tea.
It hardly gets better than that.


I am having a hard time adjusting to living in my apartment again after the Christmas holiday.
But hopefully in a day or two,
I will have worked up my courage enough to look life into the eyes again.
Until then I will crochet a bit more, find a new knitting project, and drink some more tea.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Crafting 2013

Below you see the result of 2013

I have made several guest towels,
but only have pictures of a few.

  3 Fair Isle pillow covers -Very satisfying!


 4 pairs of mittens in all.

 A headband, a pair of slippers, a scarf with cable and lace boarder, and a small poncho.

 2 pincushions.

4 pairs of socks , though only pictures of the two.

 3 different fabric wallets.

 2 aprons

4 shopping bags.

Had lots and lots of trouble with the sewing machine in 2013 .
But after getting it repaired it works again.
Now I just have to get better at the whole sewing thing..

Crocheted a few necklaces

 Made a fairisle embroidery that I made into a pencilcase

Made 2 hats, this one was for myself.

Made a pair of fingerless mittens to my brother for Christmas.
Very difficult to make, even though they were very simple,
long story.

Also made some place mats for my parents.

That is about it.
Have hope for lots of crafting in 2014!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas to New Year 2013

So what did I spend my Christmas Holiday doing?!

I must say I have enjoyed myself the days I have spend at my parents house.
I have kept myself busy, busy
So I have made Icecream, flødeboller, tried french nougat, been baking bread, cooking.
Finishing gifts, drawing, knitting, making paper.
Drinking lots of tea of course and making the kitty purr.

The kitty have mostly been lying down, as always.

Made this drawing in the holiday, A3 format, for my mother.
In hindsight it would have been a more dynamic picture if I had planned it,
 and changed the birds around.
Damn, but too late now.
New Years Eve


This year we chose to redecorate the Christmas tree, with blue and white for New Years Eve.


The New Years eve table decorated.
Very simple.
 I really like the folded star napkin.
Thank you
New Years Eve was nice and simple with lovely food.
 Cooked by me and my mother, with help from my father.
The menu consisted of delicious tapas and after homemade ice cream.

I hope 2014 will consist of a million creative projects:)
Allready looking forward to it!