Friday, 24 January 2014

Bathroom mat

I made a bathroom mat for my mother some time ago, 
but to tell you the truth it was butt ugly!
(I made a crocheted edge that I completely screwed up,
who knew you could do that?! )

So me mother asked me if I wanted to make a new one for her, if she bought some yarn.
Of course I would!

Then she presented me with 4 different colours of cotton yarn,
from Søstrene grene. Some of my favorite:)

I decided on a ripple stitch pattern with the 4 different colours in stripes.
Though, the whole striped thing meant a lot of ends to weave in..
oh well, I survived.

I like the result, and it was fun making, 
which is the most important when doing a project.
Or you'll be bored out of your mind!
Or, I certainly will!

Uh, and my mom bought 8 balls of yarn, and I only used 4.
So 4 balls of yarn to make something else out of.
Will probably end up as guest towels, but must find a pattern that wont be boring to make!


Have had some low days.
-But hoping I am just at the turning point!

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