Sunday, 12 January 2014

Blue placemats

I made these for my mom and dad.
Finished them in December 2013
 They are made from a" PurlBee" pattern.

I used about 8 - 9 balls of yarn.
The yarn is bought in "Søstrene grene".
They are crocheted with a 3 mm hook.

I had a bit of trouble with one of the place mats where I just made mistake after mistake 
Obviously in the end, I managed to finish them all.

Would actually not mind having some myself one day,
but I am bored with the pattern now, and cotton yarn.
So I will wait a bit before making some for myself.
Maybe I will use a different pattern .
Who knows


Sleeping a bit much at the moment. Simply love sleeping.
- But started at a new knitting project, something to be excited about, or at least something to do.

Now I will knit a bit more, and drink some more tea:)

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