Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas to New Year 2013

So what did I spend my Christmas Holiday doing?!

I must say I have enjoyed myself the days I have spend at my parents house.
I have kept myself busy, busy
So I have made Icecream, flødeboller, tried french nougat, been baking bread, cooking.
Finishing gifts, drawing, knitting, making paper.
Drinking lots of tea of course and making the kitty purr.

The kitty have mostly been lying down, as always.

Made this drawing in the holiday, A3 format, for my mother.
In hindsight it would have been a more dynamic picture if I had planned it,
 and changed the birds around.
Damn, but too late now.
New Years Eve


This year we chose to redecorate the Christmas tree, with blue and white for New Years Eve.


The New Years eve table decorated.
Very simple.
 I really like the folded star napkin.
Thank you
New Years Eve was nice and simple with lovely food.
 Cooked by me and my mother, with help from my father.
The menu consisted of delicious tapas and after homemade ice cream.

I hope 2014 will consist of a million creative projects:)
Allready looking forward to it!

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