Monday, 6 January 2014

Crafting 2013

Below you see the result of 2013

I have made several guest towels,
but only have pictures of a few.

  3 Fair Isle pillow covers -Very satisfying!


 4 pairs of mittens in all.

 A headband, a pair of slippers, a scarf with cable and lace boarder, and a small poncho.

 2 pincushions.

4 pairs of socks , though only pictures of the two.

 3 different fabric wallets.

 2 aprons

4 shopping bags.

Had lots and lots of trouble with the sewing machine in 2013 .
But after getting it repaired it works again.
Now I just have to get better at the whole sewing thing..

Crocheted a few necklaces

 Made a fairisle embroidery that I made into a pencilcase

Made 2 hats, this one was for myself.

Made a pair of fingerless mittens to my brother for Christmas.
Very difficult to make, even though they were very simple,
long story.

Also made some place mats for my parents.

That is about it.
Have hope for lots of crafting in 2014!

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