Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fair isle pillow cover no. 3

This is the third Fair Isle pillow cover I have made.
Done for my mother.

Pillow cover
Made with 120 x 2 sts.
Knitted on 2,5 mm needles.
Used 4 different designs from my Fair Isle book.
Fitted with a zipper.

The picture above shows the pillow cover I started on,
 but ended up starting anew because I didn't like it.

So I started again.
Decided on the colours I wanted to use .
Then I decided to only use 4 different designs,
 instead of the 8 I had decided on at first.
Also chose to make the background in only one colour per design,
 to get a more calm look.

Then I knitted away.

  The piece washed and drying

 When I reached the end of the pillow cover, I ran out of the light blue wool I was using.
So I substituted it with a light blue cotton.


January is here.
I have always sorta liked January, 
- some of the reason is that my birthday is in January.
- Some of the reason is that it is a time to start anew.
- Also it is perfect for "hygge", candles, music, movies, blankets, knitting and drinking tea.
It hardly gets better than that.


I am having a hard time adjusting to living in my apartment again after the Christmas holiday.
But hopefully in a day or two,
I will have worked up my courage enough to look life into the eyes again.
Until then I will crochet a bit more, find a new knitting project, and drink some more tea.

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