Monday, 20 January 2014

Mitten try no. 6

  Mitten try no. 6

I knitted these for my cousin.
Finished them in December 2013.
Knitted in Drops Alpaca wool 
Knitted on 2,5 mm circular needles, 2 mittens at the time. 
(I love that method!)
Fair Isle designs from "200 Fair Isle Designs" by Mary Mucklestone.
3 colours are used.
The body is 33x 33 sts, 66 sts in all.
Thumb is 24 sts


My grandmother died this morning.
She was very ill, so it was not a great suprise.
But I did think she would live for a couple of more months.
I am sorry to say that I was not as close to her as I once was.
My illness ruined that for me.
I do not really know what else to write.

Compared to death, what is really important?

I think I will go and give my cat a hug (just did, I don't think she liked it much ;) ), then I will drink som more tea, and knit a bit. What else is there to do really.

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