Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I have been wanting to make a wreath for myself for a long time.
I even bought a straw wreath quite some time ago.

 Then one day, I went into flower mode!
Started crocheting flowers, in different seizes.
I used patterns from Drops, and also improvised a bit.
Also bought some cheap wool for felting in Søstrene Grene,
 and got myself a felting needle from Panduro

And off I went.
Firstly I wrapped the straw wreath in leftover yarn.

Then I felted and crocheted.
The crocheting meant that countless ends have to be sew in!

I used felted flowers, crocheted flowers, and plastic flowers and leaves for the wreath.

The plastic flowers have been sitting in a jar for several years.
Good to see them getting used for something.
 Positioned them on the wreath and stuck needles into them.

Lastly I glued them on with a glue gun.

Ta-da. One finished wreath

Now hanging on my front door, on the inside, so I can see it every day.


Have managed to change my sleeping pattern.
- I have been awake at night and sleeping during the day.
Stupid, I know.
Had a sensible day today though.
Hoping it continues

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