Friday, 28 February 2014

Flower painting

So I was bored, tremendously.
Haven felt like knitting for ages - or what has felt like ages anyway.
Really only a couple of days.

Then I started to feel like painting.
Yeah something to do!

 I have been working on some different paintings for ages,
and havn't really been able to finish them.
Truth be told, I actually don't like them,

Firstly, any painting should start with a sketch.
Any painting that I make that is, or I end up not liking them. 
-as the ones I talked about above.
Sketch done.

The canvas is an old one, so its pretty uneven with old paint.
I believe in reusing and all that, so I am giving it another go.

Ready for sketching on the canvas.

Sketching on canvas done (sorry about the fuzzy picture)

In progress
Putting layers and layers of white and yellow one to make it cover properly.

Nope that background is just not good enough.
Time to change it.
Gave it 2-3 layers with the lighter blue.

Finished result

Monday, 24 February 2014

Bird drawing

 I made this in December, but have only just taken it home.
It now adorns my kitchen wall.
The white line you see comes from the drawing having been rolled up, and squeezed a bit.
It is made with a b-something pencil, colour pencils and drawing chalk.


Reading "Quiet" by Susan Caine. A book about introverts.
A really interesting book.
Also reading "The nanny diaries" by Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin.
Though can't seem to get into it.

My knitting projects are all lying about just waiting to be knitted on,
but I can't seem to get myself to actually do any knitting. :(
Can't wait till I get my knitting-groove back.
Hopefully it will come back?!

Trying to pass the time now that I am not spending it knitting.
Which is pretty hard.
Suddenly the world is a big bore!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Red legwarmers

 Red legwarmers

 They are knitted on a 2,5 mm circular needle.
Both knitted at the same time.
The cable design is 6 sts wide, and later 7 sts wide.
I started with 66 sts, but after a couple of repeats I decided to add stitches so I had 77 sts.

I used 2 leftover yarns and a whole ball of another red.
Arwetta and some other sock yarn.

They are 47 cm long.
They could easily have been longer, but I used all of the red wool/sock yarn I had.

 I am really pleased with them, I totally needed a pair of red legwarmers!


Yesterday I slept around 13 hours - just lovely.

I am using my new keyboard, having had a very useless one for a long time.
It being useless because I on several occasion had spilled things into it. 
Tea, water, juice, and also some beads.
Now I got myself a washable one - my brother adviced me to pick that one.
He thought it might come in handy, I have no idea what he is talking about ;)

Loving that my is arrow keys on my keyboard is actually working.
Bored with knitting (a small catastrophe!)
Having a whole weekend ahead of me, with nothing to do.
So bored!

Just spent the last ½ hour sorting through a basket and a case full of yarn and stuff
 - that was infested with moth caterpillars! YUK
I guess that is what you get when you say you are bored;)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

A trip to Lisbon

A trip to Lisbon

I was there for 6 days with my family.
We rented a apartment down there that we used as a base. 
Which was really nice. So we could get up late, and spend the evenings there.

We spend the most of our time in the old part of the city.
Mostly just walking about, being tourists.
- We went to several museums:
A natural history museum, a geological museum, a fashion and design museum, the Gulbekain Museum, the Chiado Museum and a couple of churches.

In general I am very fond of museums, 
but sadly I have a very hard time concentrating when I am there.
 I had some knitting with me I could do while waiting for the others.

 They have pretty awesome pavement!

 Some of the buildings have tiles on them.

 This is the Rua Augusta Arch.
You can see that it was pretty wet.

Which was a very general thing during our stay.
Raining and raining, all day long.

 One of the most significant things about Lisbon, is the terrain.
We walked up and down, all day long

I actually spend most of the time looking down, because of the rain made the stones rather slippery.
- and I was of course wearing slippery shoes.
The whole up and down hills, made it pretty difficult as well.
I didn't fall once though. -Victory:)

The view from our apartment.
I was pretty nervous about the whole, me being vegetarian, but it was no problem.
Not that every restaurant served vegetarian dishes, but we managed to find some that did.

My favourite things from this holiday:
- Tasting broad beans for the first time.
- The Lalique jewelry exhibition at the Gulbekain Museum. -So beautifull!
- The fact that there was a bathtub in the apartment.
- Eating ice cream and cake -  I really love anything sweet :)
-The mornings and evenings where we relaxed. 
 - All the excercise we got from walking all day long.
- Getting some drawing done.

I did take extra medicine to be able to cope with most days, 
but hey it got me through them with no trouble.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A drawing

Drawing from pictures of flowers from the book "Blomster og Buketter" by Isabella Smith
I can see that I have not finished the first flower though.

This is the latest drawing from my drawing class.

The last ½ year I have been drawing birds, which I have enjoyed.
- but I feel it is time for a change.
Here flowers comes into the picture.
They are so aesthetically beautiful you almost can't get it wrong.
Any representation of flowers is pleasing to the eye.
Though I do try and make it look like whatever I am drawing, I find that most satisfactory.

So in the future you will probably see some drawings of various flowers and greenery.

I find drawing in general to be rather calming and almost like meditation.
So it really is something I should sit down and do every day.
But I do not.
Why is it that we do not do something, that we know is good for us?


At the moment sitting in an apartment in Lisbon, Portugal!
Drinking tea and trying to make this day pass.
Because it is raining, and raining, and oh, raining.
Before lunch we did go out, had plenty of plans,
 but after a while we had to return because we were soaking wet!

So here I sit, waiting. Drying really.
 Hoping my jacket, clothes and shoes will dry before going out again!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mitten try 7 - fail

 First version of "Mitten try nr. 7"

I intended for the long cuff to be bigger, wider.
I started up with some stitches, but found it to be too big. (With only one colour)
Then I decided to use less stitches, and started knitting for real.
Of course when I started knitting with two colours, it got tighter, 
and therefore the cuff got smaller.
Which in the end, I found too tight. -After having knitted half of the mittens of course!

So I wasn't really satisfied.

But I was very eager to get to the part with 3 colours!

Knitting it though, I just wasn't completely satisfied with the colours.
I called them circus-mittens.
That coupled with the unsatisfying cuff - made me decide to unravel it completely.


 2 version of "Mitten try nr. 7"

This version I made the cuff larger, by quite a lot of stitches.
I also made the wrist smaller.

Then I started knitting the exciting part, the 3 coloured part.
But having gone as far as you can see in the picture, on the thumb-side,
I suddenly realised I had knitted wrong!
Then trying it on, it actually seemed a bit tight...
Even though I had made stitches enough for it to be big enough for when using 2 colours,
but not enough for when using 3 colours. 
Which I could have told myself, but I didn't.

Also not quite sure about the colours.

So I unravelled again, though only down to the wrist.


 After some work I have 2 different designs I can use.
Both a 2-coloured and a 3-coloured.
Though after 2 fails, I am not super excited about giving it a go again.

To tell the truth I haven't touched a knitting needle for almost 2 days.
So much for my whole, wanting to knit more!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Cable socks

 Cable socks

Yet another pair of socks, I now got 7 or 8 pairs of socks.

They are knitted toe up, two at a time.
They are knitted on a 2,5 mm circular needle.
They cable design is 6 sts wide.

The first row of cable is shorter than the rest, because I didn't know the string trick..

But then I was told about the string trick, and it is wicked clever!
No problems after that. :)

Used a pattern for toe-up socks from my sock-book :
 "Toe-up, 2 at a time socks" by Morgan Oakes.
Though changed the sts count, and row counts to fit my feet.
The circumference is 60 sts.


Still have an annoying sleeping pattern.
- And I just couldn't resist a nap today either! Damn

Finally, picked up my new key for my buildings washing-room, which means I can finally get some stuff washed (have been in need of washing for some time now.)

Watching "Midsomer Muders" on youtube. Nothing like a good murder and village charm to set the mood. Soon I have watched it all though, and then what on earth will I spend all my time doing?!

Knitting as per usual, though I have noticed that I don't do that much knitting.
Instead I end up using all of my time browsing the internet, on pinterest, on youtube, on ravelry and on blogger, oh and Lots of hours can be spend on all of those sites!

So in the future I will strive towards using more time actually knitting :)

Happy knitting from Denmark