Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A drawing

Drawing from pictures of flowers from the book "Blomster og Buketter" by Isabella Smith
I can see that I have not finished the first flower though.

This is the latest drawing from my drawing class.

The last ½ year I have been drawing birds, which I have enjoyed.
- but I feel it is time for a change.
Here flowers comes into the picture.
They are so aesthetically beautiful you almost can't get it wrong.
Any representation of flowers is pleasing to the eye.
Though I do try and make it look like whatever I am drawing, I find that most satisfactory.

So in the future you will probably see some drawings of various flowers and greenery.

I find drawing in general to be rather calming and almost like meditation.
So it really is something I should sit down and do every day.
But I do not.
Why is it that we do not do something, that we know is good for us?


At the moment sitting in an apartment in Lisbon, Portugal!
Drinking tea and trying to make this day pass.
Because it is raining, and raining, and oh, raining.
Before lunch we did go out, had plenty of plans,
 but after a while we had to return because we were soaking wet!

So here I sit, waiting. Drying really.
 Hoping my jacket, clothes and shoes will dry before going out again!

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