Sunday, 16 February 2014

A trip to Lisbon

A trip to Lisbon

I was there for 6 days with my family.
We rented a apartment down there that we used as a base. 
Which was really nice. So we could get up late, and spend the evenings there.

We spend the most of our time in the old part of the city.
Mostly just walking about, being tourists.
- We went to several museums:
A natural history museum, a geological museum, a fashion and design museum, the Gulbekain Museum, the Chiado Museum and a couple of churches.

In general I am very fond of museums, 
but sadly I have a very hard time concentrating when I am there.
 I had some knitting with me I could do while waiting for the others.

 They have pretty awesome pavement!

 Some of the buildings have tiles on them.

 This is the Rua Augusta Arch.
You can see that it was pretty wet.

Which was a very general thing during our stay.
Raining and raining, all day long.

 One of the most significant things about Lisbon, is the terrain.
We walked up and down, all day long

I actually spend most of the time looking down, because of the rain made the stones rather slippery.
- and I was of course wearing slippery shoes.
The whole up and down hills, made it pretty difficult as well.
I didn't fall once though. -Victory:)

The view from our apartment.
I was pretty nervous about the whole, me being vegetarian, but it was no problem.
Not that every restaurant served vegetarian dishes, but we managed to find some that did.

My favourite things from this holiday:
- Tasting broad beans for the first time.
- The Lalique jewelry exhibition at the Gulbekain Museum. -So beautifull!
- The fact that there was a bathtub in the apartment.
- Eating ice cream and cake -  I really love anything sweet :)
-The mornings and evenings where we relaxed. 
 - All the excercise we got from walking all day long.
- Getting some drawing done.

I did take extra medicine to be able to cope with most days, 
but hey it got me through them with no trouble.

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