Monday, 24 February 2014

Bird drawing

 I made this in December, but have only just taken it home.
It now adorns my kitchen wall.
The white line you see comes from the drawing having been rolled up, and squeezed a bit.
It is made with a b-something pencil, colour pencils and drawing chalk.


Reading "Quiet" by Susan Caine. A book about introverts.
A really interesting book.
Also reading "The nanny diaries" by Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin.
Though can't seem to get into it.

My knitting projects are all lying about just waiting to be knitted on,
but I can't seem to get myself to actually do any knitting. :(
Can't wait till I get my knitting-groove back.
Hopefully it will come back?!

Trying to pass the time now that I am not spending it knitting.
Which is pretty hard.
Suddenly the world is a big bore!

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