Monday, 3 February 2014

Cable socks

 Cable socks

Yet another pair of socks, I now got 7 or 8 pairs of socks.

They are knitted toe up, two at a time.
They are knitted on a 2,5 mm circular needle.
They cable design is 6 sts wide.

The first row of cable is shorter than the rest, because I didn't know the string trick..

But then I was told about the string trick, and it is wicked clever!
No problems after that. :)

Used a pattern for toe-up socks from my sock-book :
 "Toe-up, 2 at a time socks" by Morgan Oakes.
Though changed the sts count, and row counts to fit my feet.
The circumference is 60 sts.


Still have an annoying sleeping pattern.
- And I just couldn't resist a nap today either! Damn

Finally, picked up my new key for my buildings washing-room, which means I can finally get some stuff washed (have been in need of washing for some time now.)

Watching "Midsomer Muders" on youtube. Nothing like a good murder and village charm to set the mood. Soon I have watched it all though, and then what on earth will I spend all my time doing?!

Knitting as per usual, though I have noticed that I don't do that much knitting.
Instead I end up using all of my time browsing the internet, on pinterest, on youtube, on ravelry and on blogger, oh and Lots of hours can be spend on all of those sites!

So in the future I will strive towards using more time actually knitting :)

Happy knitting from Denmark

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