Friday, 28 February 2014

Flower painting

So I was bored, tremendously.
Haven felt like knitting for ages - or what has felt like ages anyway.
Really only a couple of days.

Then I started to feel like painting.
Yeah something to do!

 I have been working on some different paintings for ages,
and havn't really been able to finish them.
Truth be told, I actually don't like them,

Firstly, any painting should start with a sketch.
Any painting that I make that is, or I end up not liking them. 
-as the ones I talked about above.
Sketch done.

The canvas is an old one, so its pretty uneven with old paint.
I believe in reusing and all that, so I am giving it another go.

Ready for sketching on the canvas.

Sketching on canvas done (sorry about the fuzzy picture)

In progress
Putting layers and layers of white and yellow one to make it cover properly.

Nope that background is just not good enough.
Time to change it.
Gave it 2-3 layers with the lighter blue.

Finished result

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