Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mitten try 7 - fail

 First version of "Mitten try nr. 7"

I intended for the long cuff to be bigger, wider.
I started up with some stitches, but found it to be too big. (With only one colour)
Then I decided to use less stitches, and started knitting for real.
Of course when I started knitting with two colours, it got tighter, 
and therefore the cuff got smaller.
Which in the end, I found too tight. -After having knitted half of the mittens of course!

So I wasn't really satisfied.

But I was very eager to get to the part with 3 colours!

Knitting it though, I just wasn't completely satisfied with the colours.
I called them circus-mittens.
That coupled with the unsatisfying cuff - made me decide to unravel it completely.


 2 version of "Mitten try nr. 7"

This version I made the cuff larger, by quite a lot of stitches.
I also made the wrist smaller.

Then I started knitting the exciting part, the 3 coloured part.
But having gone as far as you can see in the picture, on the thumb-side,
I suddenly realised I had knitted wrong!
Then trying it on, it actually seemed a bit tight...
Even though I had made stitches enough for it to be big enough for when using 2 colours,
but not enough for when using 3 colours. 
Which I could have told myself, but I didn't.

Also not quite sure about the colours.

So I unravelled again, though only down to the wrist.


 After some work I have 2 different designs I can use.
Both a 2-coloured and a 3-coloured.
Though after 2 fails, I am not super excited about giving it a go again.

To tell the truth I haven't touched a knitting needle for almost 2 days.
So much for my whole, wanting to knit more!

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