Friday, 21 February 2014

Red legwarmers

 Red legwarmers

 They are knitted on a 2,5 mm circular needle.
Both knitted at the same time.
The cable design is 6 sts wide, and later 7 sts wide.
I started with 66 sts, but after a couple of repeats I decided to add stitches so I had 77 sts.

I used 2 leftover yarns and a whole ball of another red.
Arwetta and some other sock yarn.

They are 47 cm long.
They could easily have been longer, but I used all of the red wool/sock yarn I had.

 I am really pleased with them, I totally needed a pair of red legwarmers!


Yesterday I slept around 13 hours - just lovely.

I am using my new keyboard, having had a very useless one for a long time.
It being useless because I on several occasion had spilled things into it. 
Tea, water, juice, and also some beads.
Now I got myself a washable one - my brother adviced me to pick that one.
He thought it might come in handy, I have no idea what he is talking about ;)

Loving that my is arrow keys on my keyboard is actually working.
Bored with knitting (a small catastrophe!)
Having a whole weekend ahead of me, with nothing to do.
So bored!

Just spent the last ½ hour sorting through a basket and a case full of yarn and stuff
 - that was infested with moth caterpillars! YUK
I guess that is what you get when you say you are bored;)

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