Monday, 31 March 2014

Patched up poncho

  My mother finished a poncho for me in December 2012.

The poncho.

But maybe ½ a year ago or so,
 I took the poncho from the coat hook it had been hanging on.
- When I saw a huge hole in it.
I then realised I had moth!
(Which I have had more than once since - see my previous post)

My heart broke.
Because I really really liked that damn poncho.

I started by letting it lie in the freezer for a couple of weeks.
To kill the damn things.
After that I really didn't know what to do...
So for ½ a year I didn't have a clue about how to fix it, and make it look good, mind.

Recently though, I finally decided I could patch the whole up with some felt,
 like when you get a whole on you pants or your sweater.
So I bought some felt. Grey felt.

Now was the time to fix it.
So I found myself a needle, some grey sewing thread, a scissor and the felt.

 Here I have sewed the hole together.
Should have taken a photo of the hole before I fixed it, but I forgot.
- It seemed like a humongous hole.
Though here sewed together, it seems rather little..


 Here is the heart cut out of a square piece of felt.
I made it double, because that just felt right.

I could easily have made the heart smaller,
but I prefer it as a statement, instead of something to patch up a hole..
If that makes any sense.

 The heart sewed on.

Poncho with heart.

I think it looks okay.
It hasn't ruined the poncho like I thought it would. 
It doesn't look fantastic, but it is decent.
It's definitely wearable.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Drawings from sketchbook

A look into my sketchbook

I mostly draw flowers and plants.
I draw them while looking in my botanical books .

This is my collection of botanical books, I got 11 so far.
 Most of them are bought at flea markets.
-And there is still some specific ones I am looking for (By Eigil KiƦr).
I really love a good botanical book with beautiful illustrations! 

I also study artists.
At the moment I am focusing on William Morris.
He has made some amazingly beautiful tapestries and floral patterns.
Hopefully it will broaden my horizon.
 Drawings after a botanical book.
Using a H4 pencil, a 0,05 mm pen and a 0,1 mm pen.

Study of Masters - William Morris
Used a H4 pencil and a 0,05 mm pen and coloured pencils.
 The top drawing is a study of masters - William Morris.
The bottom is a drawing after a botanical book.
Used a H4 pencil, a 0,05 pen, a 0,1 pen and colour pencils.

A study of Masters- William Morris.
Used a H4 pencil, a B2 pencil, a 0,05 mm pen, a 0,01 mm pen and some coloured pencils.
Drawing after a botanical book, and a Mandala.
Used a H4 pencil, a 0,05 mm pen, a 0,1 mm pen and a 0,7 mm pen

I can happily announce that I am crocheting at the moment.
Have also knitted a bit - but it is a secret project so I can't show you the result.
Actually the crocheting is also a secret project...
So I foresee more pictures of drawings!

Happy creating:)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Just now

Been to the library today,
 borrowed "Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict" by Laurie Viera Rigler
 and "Duty and Desire" by Pamela Aidan.
(And, I went to the library all on my own and  of my own accord)

Have once again gotten moth, this time in my yarn drawer.
So up with all the yarn, a good vacuum of the drawer and all the balls of yarn, one at a time.
Then a good spray with the insect spray.
What a hassle!!
(This is the third time I have moth)
Now all I can do is to hope all the buggers are dead.

My Bedroom covered in yarn while cleaning out the knitting drawer.
I also have a smaller drawer for reddish yarn - but that one got a lit so it is not infected.

Now I will make myself some tea and do something creative.
Don't know if it shall be knitting, crocheting, drawing or pompom making.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

On reading and some drawings

H4 pencil and B2 pencil

Here I have so far only used a H4 pencil.
You see the botanical illustration I am trying to draw at the top

 Used H4 pencil and B2 pencil.
I made more details on the leaves than the flower heads.
As you can see.


I cannot show you any  finished projects
 - because I am in fact not really doing anything.
(Besides drawing a bit)
Scandalous, I know.
And, very boring!!

I have read a bit though.
I Just read: 
- Austen Land by Shannon Hale
- Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale
And I really liked them:)
It is nice to find some books that are just at a great read, 
it happens so rarely!

I used to read tons of books when I was a child and teenager.
Now I only read rarely, because I can't find books I really like.
I used to read fantasy books en masse, but that is not really me anymore.
Then I tried reading whodunit books, but it didn't really get into them.
Dramas not for me either - I have enough drama in my life, thank you very much.

Now I have also come to the conclusion that reading danish books are not an option.
I am not fond of reading danish. -It is just, well, boring.
It ruins a perfectly good book you see.
English on the other hand, is perfection.
Something else that is perfect - is Jane Austen.
But since I have already read her books (except Mansfield park),
listened to them as audio books,
and watched most of the different versions of movies and mini-series there exist.
(Several times over)
- Fan fiction seem to be right up my alley.

So far I have read several (By Amanda Grange, Pamela Aidan, Laurie Viera Rigler) ,
 and only one of them I didn't like (by Linda Berdoll).

I foresee several days joyful entertainment reading some more good books:)

Happy reading!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Embelishment of red cardigan

 Long time ago I made some embroidery on a red cardigan.
Some bright red on the sleeve by the shoulder, 
and some dark red skewed stripes on the shoulder (back and front)
But, a huge but,
The stripes I made wasn't identical on each shoulder!
To tell the truth it looked very stupid.
I just haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. Even though it is ages ago I made it 
- I blame the depression.

The other day, that day, had come. 
The day I would rectify my stupid mistake.

So I finally found the seam ripper, and started working.

I remember the hassle I had making those darn stripes, but remembering it looked absolutely foolish because it wasn't done correctly - it was okay to remove the stribes.

Only thing is - I made 4 holes doing it. Ups.

I had already decided I would make some sort of new embellishment on the cardigan, 
so it was sort of okay. Sort of.
Still feel a bit unskilled though!

But since I now had to cover some holes, I decided on making crocheted flowers.
Used this pattern I found via pinterest.

 Flowers done, now only the sewing in of the ends needed doing.
Sewed in one of the ends, and used the other to sew on the flowers.
Used a 1,75 mm, 2 mm and 2,5 mm hook.
Used 3 different scraps of yarn, two of them being wool.


Really like the result :)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Painting no. 3

 This is how the painting looked before I decided to paint it over.
Again something I have used some time on, but very far from a done painting.
So it felt good to try with something new.

First I made a sketch

Background painted.
Gave it quite a lot of layers, because each time I had mixed a colour I only had enough for 1½ layers.
Which isn't enough.
So I had to mix again, and again. 

Motive sketched on with white pencil.

The gruelling task of painting white and yellow is what I do first.
Then I get on with the other colours

The worst to paint is the stems, I hate it. So difficult to paint - as you can see.

Finished painting

This is my favorite so far, I really like it.

The first flower painting I made you can see here.
The second you can see here.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Latest drawings and the cat

 Drawn from botanical books.
Wanted to try something a bit more detailed than just a single flowerhead and a stem.

 Drawn with a 4H pencil, a 0,1 mm pen and a 0,05 mm pen.
First I drew with pencil then with pens and then I erased the pencil strokes.

 Drawn with a 4H pencil and a 2B pencil

 So Selma here decided to lie on my drawings which are lying on the bookcase.
Why I do not know.
She has done it before though.
One time I had a piece of paper lying on the sofa - and she decided that was the best place to lie. Even though she had the whole sofa to choose from.
But no, not a chance - The piece of paper it was!
And, she is lying on the drawings on the bookshelf now again, as I am writing.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bird drawing and just now

Made this drawing in December in my drawing class.
I had a thing for birds.


I have been knitting a tiny little bit.
Mostly though I have been painting.
It is a great way to forget the world. 
I would almost call it a form of therapy.

Been doing some water colours as well, mostly of tulips from a botanical book.
I am rubbish at it though, so I won't show you the result here.

Visited the "Hirschsprungske Museum" with my family.
A small museum, but with great danish pieces.
The pieces are from the 19th century and all from danish masters. 
I just love museums, but my brain isn't too fond of too much information at at the same time.
Fortunately the seize of this museum suited me well.
I hope my brain will get better at some point, but I honestly don't know if I am already at a "normal" level. - It is such a long time ago that I wasn't ill, that I can't remember it.. 
But one can hope.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Painting no. 2

 This is what the painting was before I decided to paint it over.
I have been working on it for a long time, but I just wasn't satisfied with it.
So I thought I would give it a new life.

First I made a sketch

Then I made the diamond background with two blues.
A dark and a much lighter one.

 I sketched the motives onto the background with white pencil,
and then started painting.

 After some time I realised the background wasn't working.
So time to change it.

The background covered, almost.
Decided to keep some of the background.

The Iris is not right. It has already had 3 different colours.
The positioning of the flowers are also wrong.

But, it is all practice, and I like practice:)