Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bird drawing and just now

Made this drawing in December in my drawing class.
I had a thing for birds.


I have been knitting a tiny little bit.
Mostly though I have been painting.
It is a great way to forget the world. 
I would almost call it a form of therapy.

Been doing some water colours as well, mostly of tulips from a botanical book.
I am rubbish at it though, so I won't show you the result here.

Visited the "Hirschsprungske Museum" with my family.
A small museum, but with great danish pieces.
The pieces are from the 19th century and all from danish masters. 
I just love museums, but my brain isn't too fond of too much information at at the same time.
Fortunately the seize of this museum suited me well.
I hope my brain will get better at some point, but I honestly don't know if I am already at a "normal" level. - It is such a long time ago that I wasn't ill, that I can't remember it.. 
But one can hope.

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